Extend-OX® Antioxidants

Natural and Synthetic Antioxidants for Shelf Life Stability

Our Extend-OX® family of Natural and Synthetic Antioxidants stabilize fats, oils, proteins, and lipids in vegetable or animal oils in foods. Oxidation is the major cause of deterioration of food and feed products which contain fats and oils, because it is one of the main causes of rancidity in these products. Oxidation is a "weak point" of almost all fats and vegetable oils, even those containing natural antioxidants.

FoodSafe Technologies® provides expertise in shelf life stability with our Extend-OX® family of liquid and dry Antioxidant Products.


Extend-Ox Naturals - Antioxidants

With greater consumer advocacy for the use of natural preservation methods, FoodSafe Technologies® is chartered to meet these demands with a broad offering under the Extend-OX® NATURAL product family. Extend-OX® NATURALS are functional blends of vegetable and plant-derived phenolic compounds that are designed to achieve shelf life stability, and be synergistic within specific food products. Composition ingredients include Mixed Tocopherols (soy and non-soy), Rosemary Extract, and Herbal Plant Phenols. Extend-OX® NATURAL are selected from the highest quality supplied plant materials, and in most cases, these ingredients are heat (fractioned) rather than chemically extracted from the highest quality production sources. Variations available include Extend-OX® NATURAL A.O.I. (American Originated Ingredients as opposed to 'blended in the U.S.' with foreign sources), and Extend-OX® NATURAL Non-GMO; E.U. compliant Non-GMO (European Union E.C. 1829/2003 and 1830/2003), which meet E.U. and E.C. GMO labeling requirements.

All FoodSafe Technologies® Antioxidant products are Kosher Certified.


Extend-Ox Synthetics - Antioxidants

Shelf life stability, made simple. When cost is a factor in shelf life stability, Extend-OX® SYNTHETICS can provide the cost effective answer to oxidative stability. Many Synthetic Antioxidant solutions have been available for decades, and are truly commodity driven, with cost, quality, and efficacy being the three leading considerations of choice. Here again, FoodSafe Technologies® leads on all categories. By providing the highest quality sourced raw materials, at a most competitive cost, Extend-OX® SYNTHETICS can help reduce your overall material cost factors, while assuring the highest quality solution. Our Extend-OX® SYNTHETIC products include our Extend-OX® SF (China-Free) product, to assure the lowest risk of product adulteration. Our customers have found Extend-OX® SF to be cost competitive to other brands China product. Our supply of Extend-OX® SYNTHETICS can be matched to routine product testing of your product, to assure the optimum in oxidative stability and performance. Lower cost, China-free, ongoing product testing.

Why make a simple commodity more complex? Let FoodSafe Technologies® simplify it for you.