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FoodSafe Technologies SafeNature™ brand of Natural Antioxidants offers Pet Food Manufacturers the greatest breadth of plant extracted antioxidant custom solutions, including Soy Free and NON-GMO Natural Antioxidants.

The SafeNature™ family of Natural Antioxidants based upon vegetable and plant phenols, and serve to naturally stabilize and protect fats, oils, lipids within Pet Foods from the deterioration caused by oxidation. The SafeNature™ NATURAL product line offers multiple functional blends of antioxidants and plant extract mixtures for product shelf life extension, including: All Natural; American Originated Ingredients and crops; Soy Free; and Non-GMO; and Non GMO EC (European Union E.C. 1829/2003 and 1830/2003 GMO Free).

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FoodSafe Technologies is a leading supplier to the manufacturers of Pet Food Proteins, including animal and fish meal proteins.
Supplier to the manufacturers of Pet Food Proteins

From Meat and Bone Meals, Blood Meals, Chicken and Poultry Meals, Feather Meals, Fish Meals, to Tallows, Yellow Grease, Poultry Fats, Pet Food Grade and Feed Grades, FoodSafe Technologies has served producers of every conceivable animal protein and fat. We have developed cost-effective products specifically designed to meet the ever-changing regulatory landscape and demands from Rendering customers throughout the world, driven by our Rendering customers-customer: Manufacturers of Pet Foods and Animal and Aqua Feeds.

From stability control offered in our synthetic Extend-OX™ Antioxidants, to the stability control offered in the multitude of plant extracted antioxidant formulations found in our SafeNature™ brand of Natural Antioxidants, FoodSafe Technologies is a leader in delivering specific technology developed to serve manufacturers of Rendered Proteins, Protein Meals, and Fish Meals, for Pet Food, Animal Feed, and Aqua Feed applications.

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