Natural Plant-Extracted Antioxidants
SafeNature Natural Antioxidants

SafeNature is the collection of natural botanical extracted antioxidants developed by FoodSafe Technologies to serve the growing demand for customized natural solutions for shelf life improvement.

SafeNature represents our portfolio of plant-extracted antioxidant products. Our TopShieldR Plus® product is a breakthrough in natural antimicrobial antioxidants. Leveraging off of our plant extract capabilities, and the ever-growing customer demand for custom variations of plant-derived “clean label” shelf life protection for fats, oils, and lipids, FoodSafe Technologies has assembled all of our capabilities in plant-extracted antioxidants under one portfolio.

Our expertise is matching your specific label needs with a customized product that meets the goals of differentiating your brand, while protecting brand integrity. Using our experience, strong supplier relationships, and unique capabilities in antioxidant development, our U.S. sourced custom solutions can be delivered less expensively than bulk global commodity antioxidants.

"FoodSafe's label reduction and custom developed natural antioxidant actually SAVED us money."

-Leading pet food industry client

"I was surprised to learn FoodSafe GMO-Free would cost me less than my standard GMO product."

-Major food manufacturing client

What are Natural Antioxidants?

  • SafeNature™ natural antioxidants are plant-extracted phenols and catechins that are removed from their native plant. Catechins are naturally occurring compounds that perform the same function as traditionally synthetic (man-made) compounds.
  • SafeNature antioxidants are metabolized more readily than synthetic antioxidants and are more friendly to humans, animals, and the earth.
  • SafeNature antioxidants are fat-soluble products where the mode of action is to delay the process of chemical breakdown (rancidity) within fats, oils, and lipids found in human food, pet food, and animal feed products.

SafeNature™ Products

  • U.S.-Produced Formulas
  • U.S. Crop Ingredients
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Non-Soy Antioxidants
  • All-Natural Antioxidants
  • Clean Label Naturals
  • Natural Antimicrobial Antioxidants
  • GMO-Free Antioxidants
  • EC GMO free compliant
    (EC No.1829/2003, 1830/2003)

FoodSafe Technologies is a leader in antioxidants, antimicrobials, and delivery systems for human food, pet food, and animal feed. Our strength is co-developing custom food safety and shelf life solutions that stand up to the growing demands of food safety and natural products. SafeNature represents FoodSafe Technologies’ portfolio of plant-extracted antioxidant products. Our commitment to deliver breakthrough advances in label-friendly products that exceed the needs, wants, and expectations of all of our clients.