TopShieldR® and TopShieldR® PLUS

A Natural Antimicrobial-Antioxidant to Keep Pet Food Free of Salmonella and Other Harmful Bacteria
Top ShieldR Plus

Dry rendered proteins are supremely challenging for pet food producers and rendering companies alike. Understanding that antioxidants effectively provide synergistic support for bacterial growth, FoodSafe Technologies® was sought out to develop a solution to overcome this bacteria location for Pet Food and Pet Food Ingredient customers, and deliver antimicrobial efficacy at the antioxidant delivery point.

TopShieldR® and TopShieldR PLUS® replaces existing antioxidant with a combination, natural antimicrobial-antioxidant at the Antioxidant Delivery point, assuring the highest efficacy in pathogen reduction, while maintaining oxidative stability.

Food pathogen reduction for pet food

The natural antimicrobial-antioxidant TopShieldR® and TopShieldR PLUS® was developed specifically to address the problem of pathogens in dry pet food proteins and dry animal feed stuffs. TopShieldR® and TopShieldR PLUS® delivers the natural antioxidant performance that stabilizes oxidation while the antimicrobial kills and defends from secondary contamination. TopShieldR® and TopShieldR PLUS® is proven effective to contain gram-negative bacteria Escherichia coli (E. coli), Salmonella, Campylobacter, Shigella, and Enterobacteriaceae (ebac). TopShieldR® and TopShieldR PLUS® can be delivered to either significantly reduce, or ELIMINATE* Salmonella CFU's, achieving salmonella-free animal proteins.

TopShieldR® and TopShieldR PLUS® was developed and designed to bind to the bacteria cell wall, and instantly achieves a stop in cellular reproduction prior to cell stress response and resistance. In most applications, the application of TopShieldR® and TopShieldR PLUS® typically achieves cell lysing (bacteria cell death) within 24 hours, including initial pathogen contact, and subsequent contact.

TopShieldR® and TopShieldR PLUS® is a liquid that is applied to animal feed proteins such as Meat and Bone Meal, Poultry By Products and Meals, Chicken Meal, Fish Meal, Soybean Meal, Corn Meal, Canola Meal, and within Animal Fats.

*Total kill numbers are dependent upon raw materials, time, and dosing. Each application may vary.